Horseback Riding Lessons

Do you have a  horse lover in your house?      

Give the gift of fun! 

Marlene's has been schooling students in the fine art of horsemanship for over 35 years! 

We offer a hands on approach to learning, where students will learn to clean, bridle and saddle, ride, and maintain their horse. 

Stress is placed on safety to insure a good time for all. 

Advanced levels of schooling will even include training! 

Equipment is maintained, fitted, repaired, and the stable is managed. 

All necessary parts of keeping a horse of your own someday!

Lessons are offered for all ages and skill levels from tiny tots to adults.  Private sessions and group lessons available.  Sessions start at $25 each, with packages available for holiday gift giving!  Whether interested in hobbyist, show, or a career in horsemanship, consider Marlenes of Fond du Lac!


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